1. Penny have kind of time travelled.

No matter how cutting-edge their plastic technology is, there’s still something instantly, unavoidably nostalgic about these little boards. They look like they’ve rolled straight out of the eighties and under your feet. Though they are based on the boards of yesteryear, it’s a totally new brand, started in 2010, using modern production methods to make sure these boards last well into the 21st century. Still, with that quintessential retro design, it does kind of feel like you’re riding a phoenix, risen from the ashes of skate culture’s previous years in the sun. What could be better than a time-travelling skateboard?

2. They’ve just brought out an organic, bio-degradable range of decks.

Proving they’re in no way stuck in the past, Penny have made a range of decks that’ll just disappear once you’re done. They’re produced with organic materials, including a unique additive that reacts with the earth’s enzymes. When when it’s time to say goodbye, just bury the deck in the soil (maybe with a short ceremony if you love your boards like we do!), and sleep easy knowing it’ll be returned to the ground from whence it came. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these.


3. Penny’s boards look like they were made for summer.

Look at these bright little beauties - they just squeal sunshine. Penny’s boards come in so many colours, with so many options for trucks and wheels, it’s kind of difficult to make a glum-looking Penny. We’ve got some of the brightest and best available at Skate Asylum, plus extra wheels, trucks and grip tape to pile some more colours on to that ray of rolling sunshine.

Penny Skateboards - Holiday Series from Penny Skateboards on Vimeo.

4. Match your board and your phone for some serious summer style.

Penny have got hard-wearing plastic down. It’s pretty much their thing. They’ve now transferred this wisdom into iPhone cases, in the same iconic colours, complete with Penny logo and diamond grip pattern. Cheer up your iPhone, and keep the little blighter safe while you’re skating.

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5. You don’t need to spend all summer mastering the board.

Penny skateboards are designed to be easy and ready to go - addictively effortless on those long, hot summer days. Small and light enough to carry anywhere, they cut a buttery ride that’s perfect for commute or a cruise. Penny will be your summer fling in no time.