New Year, new skateboard? We're here to be your guide in buying the right skateboard that will go the distance. We can't get enough of The Berrics ‘Extremely Cheap Skates’ video, demonstrating just how important it is to spend a little cash when it comes to your skateboard. Watch and perhaps you won’t even have to read on (but we’d like it if you did). Pro skaters on Walmart boards? You can imagine the results that come with extremely cheap skateboards.

What the ply?

It is difficult to generalise the greatest material for a skateboard. The topic is open to much debate, one person may love Canadian maple because yes it is very strong and durable however it is not as flexible bamboo, it truly depends on your style of skate and if you’re just starting out, don’t panic it’s not too important at the beginning. SO what the ply - well, the higher the ply the greater the number of sheets of ply wood have been used in the making. 9 ply boards are manufactured to be stiffer and stronger than 7 ply, but for the average skater the difference would not be obvious. If you stick to branded boards you’re guaranteed a good quality, durable ride.

Good Grip Tape

By that we mean – good grip, tape not “the grip tape is... like slippy”. As overheard in the above video. There is nothing less helpful than grip tape that doesn’t grip! On the grand scheme of things, grip tape is a very small amount of money considering the amount of usage you’ll get out of it. If you manage to buy grip tape that doesn’t grip then you’ve made a booby. Good, colourful, exciting and effective grip tape is easy to find – once again, branded grip tape by your favourite skate crews is usually a win.

Good Wheels

It doesn’t take a genius to know wheels must roll for the skate to even move an inch. The wheels you choose for your ride will impact your skate experience in many ways. Wheels determine speed, how you feel your board, and your ability to control its movements. Wheel choice is a major factor in the overall skate set-up. Using a guide and plenty of advice to help to narrow down your options is recommended, but whatever you do, don’t settle for ones that won’t roll.

WHAT WE’RE TELLING YOU – Even for your starter skateboard, looking for a quick and easy skate away doesn't have to mean buying a crap board. We suggest you choose a branded complete skateboard. It is guaranteed to do a better job.


Heck even if you don’t yet and you really are just starting out, ASK. Skating isn't a lone sport, it’s a community! Others would love to talk good skateboards with you. It is fairly easy to get a recommendation for a good starter skateboard. If you’ve got a little more money to spend on buying all your gear separate, even better! Branded decks, wheels etc work harmoniously together and you’ll be off to a smooth sailing start.

There is a whole lot of advice out there. Listen to your skating maters, forums and even the people flogging you a skateboard at the skate store (that's us!). Just as a tattoo artist wouldn’t ink on a bad tattoo, no good skate store would sell you a crap board (the same cannot be said for major supermarkets.) If you need any help choosing, drop us a line on 01388 607231 and in the meantime, don't be a cheap skate!