Welcome to our new website! After ten years in our old warehouse, in April Skate Asylum moved into the highstreet with a fresh new shop.

We thought this would be the best time to launch a new website to fit in with the new, clean Skate Asylum brand. The first and most dramatic change of all, we've dropped our old red and green colours.

A couple of the new features which we're pretty excited about:


Daily Deal

The daily deal changes, as you guessed every day. Ranging across every product range, massive discounts, for one day only. You can see today's daily deal here: https://www.skateasylum.co.uk/pages/deals

Mystery Gift

Across the entire website you'll see items with a neon green 'mystery gift' tag. Everyone customer will receive a freebie with their order. When you buy one of these items a loud flashy siren goes off in our packing department and our packing ninjas will add a free mystery gift to your package.

You can see every item that'll receive a mystery gift here: https://www.skateasylum.co.uk/collections/get-a-mystery-gift


Over the last month we've taken on board a load of new, brilliant brands. These inlude Sacrifice Scooters, Rampage Ramps and DVS Skateboards.



We'd love your feedback on our new website. Drop us an email using the contact form.





Skate Asylum