Longboard Bearings

Select the bearings to suit your purpose. We have a variety of Abec rated bearings for you to choose from in fantastic colours and style. Select the bearing you desire and see if its right for for you.

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Mini Logo Bearings

£10.00 Sold Out
Mini-Logo® Bearings are skate rated™, precision grade 608 bearings made to Skate One specifications.Powell/Bones Mini-Logo® Bearings feature a removable rubber shield on one side so you can install them without denting the shield, a removable metal shield on the other side so you can clean your bearings easier, a high...
Bones Super Reds Bearings

Bones Super Reds Bearings

Bones Super REDS™ are designed from the ground up to be the best bearing on the market at this price point. What Super REDS™ are not, is a REDS™ bearing with just better super finishing (surface polishing). Super REDS™ are a superior quality bearing, using higher quality steel races, better...

Bones Swiss Bearings

Legendary Original Bones® Swiss Bearings are the optimum combination of Bones Skate Rated™ design and Swiss precision manufacturing creating the standard by which all other bearings are measured. For more than 24 years preferred by the world’s top professional skaters. Proven, professional competition-grade speed and durability make Bones Swiss normally...


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