Longboard Tools

Easily alter and maintain your longboard with simple all in one tools designed by londboard brands made for you. Eventually your parts are going to need tightening or replacing so be prepared. No need for a huge tool box, these handy tools do almost everything you may need.

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Sushi Skate Ninja Multi Tool Black

• Skateboard/Skate Tool• 9/16" Kingpin Socket• 1/2" Axle Nut Socket• 3/8" Hardware Socket • Phillips Screwdriver• Allen Wrench• Colour: Black The T-Tool from Sushi skateboards is a great accessory providing a range of essential tools to help keep your skateboard in tip top condition.

Bones Bearing Tool

Bones Skate Bearing ToolThis great little tool from Bones makes taking out or installing bearings much easier. For use on standard 8mm bearings. • Bearing Removal Tool


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